About Us

NRGLab Pte. Ltd. is a science-driven company based in Singapore. The company researches and develops alternative-energy technologies for clean, reliable and affordable electrical power on a global scale.


Scientists with NRGLab have developed  the technology for generating energy from environmental heat.


Low-cost electricity is now affordable for everyone, using the energy generated by NRGLab technology. We are now capable of producing environmentally friendly generators (SH boxes), which are easily scalable from 1 watt to 200kw per unit.


Our company is now in the process of demonstrating to multiple governments that using oil, coal and gas for energy generation is 3 times more expensive then energy production with NRGLab’s clean, efficient and affordable SH Boxes. The company’s generators (SH boxes) create an energy conversion that is more efficient and less expensive, while simplifying the conversion process. Generators (SH boxes) will enable the price of producing electricity to go down to $0.03 per kW.


In other scientific projects, NRGLab has also developed the patent-pending “Eco-SV” Method for increasing the power efficiency of gas turbine generators. The NRGLab solution for boosting gas turbine generator performance shows conclusively that electrical efficiency levels of 53-72 percent are achieved with the Eco-SV method, compared to 33-35 percent with conventional turbines.


The company’s additional projects include a strategic partnership and investment from Viscoil Holdings (www.viscoil.com) to recycle waste materials into eco-friendly diesel fuel. NRGLab has obtained an exclusive license for the Viscoil Technology for the South East Asian region for all raw materials. Coal will be recycled in Indonesia, waste engine oil will be recycled in Malaysia, and agricultural wastes will be recycled in Singapore and Malaysia. In Singapore, for example, NRGLab is able to recycle 2,000 tons of waste daily into 600-800 m3 of fuel.

NRGLab’s Gasification Program uses new and modified technologies to process rice husk, coal, natural gas and APG to fuel. This system is proven to operate at lower cost than conventional gasification methods, while providing a solution to countries that seek investment in clean, secure and affordable green-energy sources.